Is Your Website Legal?
Every Website Needs a
Website Accessibility Statement
Show Your Commitment to Providing an Accessible Website to those with Disabilities
Making your website accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities, is not just the law. It's also the right thing to do.

Added benefit: it helps those without disabilities have a better user experience on your website too!

This website template helps you showcase your commitment to providing an accessible website. And potentially fend off some unwanted lawsuits.

Don't listen to your well-meaning friends and family who heard a rumor on TikTok. Instead, learn from a U.S. licensed & practicing active attorney.

You can learn the same information that Kimberly DeCarrera gives her clients as she advises them when starting a new company so you

don't miss the critical steps.

You Need This Website Policy If

You have a website that is monetized in any way (ads, affiliates, products, services)

You are a U.S. based business

You have a commitment to doing the right thing

You want to make your website legal

You want to reduce the chances of a lawsuit against you

What You Get In This Website Policy...

In this Website Accessibility Statement template, you get more than just the template!

Basic information on laws or concepts you need to know

Instructions on how to add the policy to your website

Guidance on where you need to put policy links

Future updates to the website accessibility statement

It's time to level up your business website and get legal with your own website accessibility statement.

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