Is Your Website Legal?
Every Website Needs a Privacy Policy
It is Step #1 to having a legal website & avoid lawsuits and penalties and fines

Every website is required to have a privacy policy if you collect, transfer, or sell any kind of personal information on your visitors. That's almost every single website out there.

And this is complicated stuff. You want the help of an experienced lawyer that helps businesses get and stay legal. And resolve a whole lot of disputes.

You want a lawyer that knows all about GDPR and California privacy laws. Someone that has written privacy policies for major companies and to get apps approved for Apple and Google stores. But you also don't want to pay thousands of dollars for me to create a custom privacy policy for you.

That's why you want to start with the Privacy Policy Template. It has all the basics to help you build a policy that works for your website.

Don't listen to your well-meaning friends and family who heard a rumor on TikTok. Instead, learn from a U.S. licensed & practicing active attorney.

You can learn the same information that Kimberly DeCarrera gives her clients as she advises them when starting a new company so you

don't miss the critical steps.

You Need This Website Policy If

You have a website that collects, transfers, or sells personal information. Hint: that's every business website

Are a U.S. based business (sorry Europeans, this isn't the right one for you)

You do not market to children

You make less than $25 million from California residents

You have affiliate programs, email newsletters, comments on your website, Google Analytics, and more...

What You Get In This Website Policy...

In this Privacy Policy template, you get more than just the template!

Basic information on privacy laws

Instructions on how to add the policy to your website

Guidance on where you need to put privacy policy links

Future updates to the privacy policy

It's time to level up your business website and get legal with your own privacy policy.

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