Untangling Copyrights Online
Use COPYRIGHT LAW to protect your digital content
And learn how to use other people's content too

Copyright law is confusing, especially for online content creators.

Let's untangle the web, silence the noise, and smooth out the confusion about copyrights in the online world.

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As an online content creator, you want to know what images you can safely use on your website and in your social media.

Let's demystify the idea of copyright infringement, licenses, and yes, even fair use.

But you also need to know how to protect your own content from being stolen.

You are excited about the future and all the money you are going to make. You are already thinking about tax strategies.

But did you know that if things go bad that creditors could come after your home? Or leave you with a mountain of debt that will follow you around for years.

Let's answer the following questions:

  • What is the difference between Copyright and Trademark?
  • Can I use pictures from the internet on my blog or in my video?
  • What is Fair Use?
  • Do I need a license for that?
  • How can I protect my copyrights?
  • Do I need to register every blog post or video?
  • And more!

Don't listen to your well-meaning friends and family who heard a rumor on TikTok. Instead, learn from a U.S. licensed & practicing active attorney.

You can learn the same information that Kimberly DeCarrera gives her clients as she advises them when starting a new company so you

don't miss the critical steps.

You Need This Course If

You are creating online content.

You want to use images and videos you don't own.

You want to avoid lawsuits for copyright infringement.

You want to protect your own content from other people stealing it.

You want peace of mind that you are setting your business up for long-term success.

What You Get In This Course...

In this Online Copyright Law course, Kimberly will teach you, through video, articles, and other resources, lessons on

Overview of Intellectual Property and Copyrights

What is the "Fair Use Doctrine"?

What can I use as a Digital Creator?

How do I license other people's content?

How do I protect my own content?

DMCA Take-down Notices

And More!

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