Do you need an LLC for your business?
LLC vs. Corporation: which one is right for MY BUSINESS?
And will an S-corp save me money?
Did you know that if the IRS sees your business as a hobby that they can disallow a ton of deductions?

Having your own business is a great way to build wealth, even generational wealth.


Most people don't realize that how you setup your business plays a big part in the long-term success of your business.

Did you know that banks and even customers are more likely to see you as a real business when you have formed a separate legal entity?

Did you know that if things go bad that creditors could come after your home? Or leave you with a mountain of debt that will follow you around for years.

Did you know that if the IRS says your business is really a hobby that you cannot take all those expenses to reduce your income? That makes your tax bill way more than it will need to be. 

That's why you need to protect your business with the proper legal structure!

Don't listen to your well-meaning friends and family who heard a rumor on TikTok. Instead, learn from a U.S. licensed & practicing active attorney.

You can learn the same information that Kimberly DeCarrera gives her clients as she advises them when starting a new company so you don't miss the critical steps.

You Need This Course If

You are ready to start a new business.

You are ready to take the next steps to earning more with your business.

You want to protect your home and personal assets.

You want to be in compliance with state and federal laws.

You want to avoid common pitfalls in starting a new business.

You want peace of mind that you are setting your business up for long-term success.

What's the Missing Puzzle Piece to Your Business?

Could it be that you aren't looking and acting like a business? The next step should be to create a formal business structure.

This will unlock lots of potential tax savings opportunities as well as protect your personally in many cases.

I've helped hundreds of companies get started and even grow and scale to hundreds of millions of dollars of annual revenue. These companies have provided untold amounts of profit and wealth for their founders, by unlocking the secrets of business ownership.

But it all starts with the proper legal foundations. Setting up your business and learning how to protect it.

What You Get In This Course...

Instead of spending three years in law school and many more years helping companies, you can learn all the different types of legal structures and even real world experience on what works and doesn't work in one course. It's all distilled down to actionable insights for you.

In this course, Kimberly will teach you, through video, articles, and other resources, lessons on

Overview of Different Legal Entities

Learn About The Corporate Veil

Choosing the Right State for Your New Business

When You Should Consider a S-Corporation

How to Pick a Company Name?

How to Pick a Business Partner?

And Next Steps for Your Business!

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